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Frustrated because you provide the care but are prohibited from signing the paperwork?

Posted over 2 years ago by Renee Dahring

APRN signatures are not universally recognized despite

APRN full practice authority in Minnesota.

Your concerns:

Minnesotans are experiencing treatment delays and not receiving services while waiting for a “physician” to sign their paperwork.  You have told us that many organizations and agencies in Minnesota frequently refuse to accept MN APRN signatures despite the enactment of full practice authority in 2015. 

APRNs practicing in Minnesota routinely encounter multiple practice barriers because we are prevented from signing documents and forms for a wide range of services that legally fall within our scope of practice.  For example, an APRN can pronounce death but is prohibited from signing the death certificate.  In fact, a search has revealed there are over 50 other MN state statutes that stipulate only a “physician” signature will be accepted for services that can be rendered by APRNs. Some of these include authorizing emergency eyeglasses, verifying chair lifts and wheelchair ramps for tax deductions, and seat belt exemptions.  The word “physician” is also mentioned exclusively in the Health care bill of rights! 

Our Solution:

The MN APRN Coalition will introduce a bill which authorizes the acceptance and recognition of an APRN signature for services delivered that fall within the APRN scope of practice and where the signature is not prohibited by federal law.  To date 12 states have successfully enacted signature recognition bills for advanced practice nurses.  Enacting full signature recognition at a state level also supports changes at the federal level.  Legislators in Washington who will be voting on Medicare laws will be forced to note the necessity of APRN signature recognition if such laws are passed at the state level. 

Your support:

We must raise funds to effectively move this bill through the legislature. We need new members in order to fund effective lobbying efforts.  The more members we have the more power we have at the capitol.  

Our goal for January is to gain a minimum of 100 new members.  Please support APRN practice in MN and join the MN APRN Coalition today.  Donations are welcome and help us keep the cost of membership affordable.  


 The MN APRN Coalition is dedicated to removing barriers and

increasing access to care for all MN residents.


Michelle Christian over 2 years ago

Thank you! Just had to try to find a physician who doesn't know a patient of mine to sign off her continued disability through the MN State Retirement Agency. We have an especially hard time as we have only NPs at our clinic and no MDs.

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