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Signature Recongnition

Posted about 2 years ago by Renee Dahring

We are working towards signature recognition.  Requiring a physician signature for work the APRN performed creates barriers to healthcare for Minnesotans. 

Our bill: we are currently working on crafting language for a signature recognition bill and exploring authors in both the senate and house.  We expect to have this work completed within the next couple weeks.

Thank you to all your renewed or joined, January was a good month for membership. However, we did fall short of our goal of 100 new members.  

A strong membership is key to legislative success.  We have many newly elected legislators this year who may not be familiar with APRNs.  The MN APRN Coalition is making the most of this opportunity to educate these new legislators on who we are and the history of quality of care that APRNs provide.  

If you have not yet joined or renewed, please do it now.  Support your right to sign for your services!  Join here

Do you have a story of signature rejection?  Use this form to send it to the Coalition HERE

We are also seeking members who are constituents or have a connection to any of the members of the House Health and Human Services Committee. 


Keri Ovsak about 2 years ago

Erin Murphy on HHS committee was my prof for Policy & Politics last spring. Let me know how I can help.

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