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Breaking News - Governor signs our bill!

Posted over 2 years ago by Renee Dahring

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Both SF 1844 and HF 2177 passed with a unanimous vote in both chambers and has been signed by Governor Dayton.  The bill goes into effect TODAY. 

Passage of this bill moves APRNs one step closer to recognizing true full practice authority in Minnesota.  Now MN APRNs are authorized to sign for certain aspects of care that MN APRNs were already providing on a daily basis. Included in this bill is the authority to complete and sign DEATH CERTIFICATES.  (see attachment) 

The list of changes is fairly lengthy. You can read the full text HERE

We want to give special thanks to MNNP for partnering with us for a successful legislative session!

There is still more signature recognition work to be accomplished.  This bill reflects only health and human services statutes.  We need to continue our work on updating untill all statutes reflect current APRN practice.

To continue this work we need you to join the MN APRN Coalition.  We have come a long way since Full Practice Authority was enacted in 2015 but our work is not done. We must maintain a presence at the Capitol so that APRN voices continue to be heard. PLEASE JOIN TODAY!  


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