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Posted over 1 year ago by Renee Dahring

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Have you heard what AMA has planned for you in 2018?

The American Medical Association called for the creation of a NATIONAL STRATEGY to OPPOSE ANY STATE OR NATIONAL LEGISLATION THAT SUPPORTS FULL PRACTICE AUTHORITY BY “NON-PHYSICIAN” PRACTITIONERS. This includes opposition to the APRN Consensus Model and the APRN Compact.

APRNs in Minnesota must be ready for a renewed effort that will threaten our current practice.  The MN APRN Coalition needs your support. Our time and efforts at the Capitol will need to increase.  Next year, it is imperative that The MN APRN Coalition continue to meet with and educate our legislators to protect all Minnesotans access to safe, quality care by APRNs.  

Joining the MN APRN Coalition today is the best protection against this harmful campaign and any potential legislation that threatens our full practice authority.  We need more members to show our opposition we are united and will not tolerate tactics which limit patient access to care by MN APRNs. 

Membership is only $45 per year.  That is less than dinner and a movie.  Please help us continue to ensure that all Minnesotans continue to have direct access to the health care provider of their choice. Please join today.

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