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DHS Medicaid Services Advisory Committee - 6 vacancies

Posted 11 months ago by Renee Dahring

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State released a notice they are accepting applications for 6 vacancies on the Medicaid Services Advisory Committee. 

This is a great opportunity for MN APRNs to demonstrate both a committment to public service and the dedication MN APRNs have to serving Medicaid patients. As providers in Minnesota we have firsthand knowledge and experience in providing care to Medicaid recipients and would be a valuable asset to this committee.  Serving on a committee is also a great way for APRNs to represent our profession and promote recognition of the important role we play in providing healthcare for Minnesotans.  

Submit your application online.  Click the green APPLY button at the top of the page. 

Applications due by May 24, 2018

Description of Entity Powers and Duties, Activity Summary

The DHS Medicaid Services Advisory Committee serves to advise DHS and the commissioner, and is not a governing board. Members will be represenatives of the community groups and professional stakeholder organizations, Medicaid beneficiaries, and various health care and long term servicesa and supports professionals that influence the health and covered services fo Medicaid populations. 

The committee will provide guidance on key initiatives brought forward by DHS that affect Medicaid program administration, policy or Medicaid funded services. MSAC members wil achieve the committe purpose by:

  • Providing guidance on specific policies, initiatives, and proposed program changes brought forward by DHS.

  • Acting as liaisons back to individuals, organizations and institutions that recieve, facilitate, or provide Medicaid services.

  • At times; if two-thirds of the members agree create smaller work groups within the MSAC to address particular issues. Workgroups will have clear tasks and guidelines and standardized parameters. 




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