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Brief Survey Completion Request

Posted 5 months ago by Brian Goodroad

Greetings APRN colleagues - 

As the Board of Directions of the Minnesota APRN Coalition, we are contacting our membership for your opinion regarding recent legal changes that could affect APRN practice in MN. 

Historically, MN statutes have specified that abortion services may only be provided by physicians. (This statute was passed in 1974 just after Roe v. Wade in order to prevent unlicensed people from providing “back alley” abortions.)

In the recent legal case “Doe vs Minnesota”, the physician-only requirement was deemed unconstitutional along with other components of the MN statute. To review the recent decision, click here:

The implications for APRN practice are not yet fully understood or decided. The Board of Nursing is actively exploring how this decision impacts the Nurse Practice Act and planning for any necessary changes.  However, it is possible that providing abortion (medication or aspiration/surgical) will be a legal practice option for APRNs in the near future in Minnesota.

We know that you and we are likely to be asked the opinions of APRNs related to this issue. The Board of Directors of the Minnesota APRN Coalition has prepared the following statement in response to “Doe vs MN” regarding the possible effects on APRN practice and to reflect the mission of the Minnesota APRN Coalition in relation to these issues.  

“The mission of the Minnesota APRN Coalition is to improve “patient access to, and choice of, safe, cost-effective healthcare providers by removing statutory, regulatory, and institutional barriers that prevent APRNs from practicing at the highest level of their education.

The removal of ‘physician-only’ language from MN statutes aligns with the mission and ongoing work of the MN APRN Coalition, supporting APRN practice to the highest level of certification and education. The Minnesota APRN Coalition has introduced bills in four of the last five legislative sessions correcting and removing ‘physician-only’ language.”

Please take a moment to answer this anonymous questionnaire on Survey Monkey to assess your opinion on the proposed statement from the Minnesota APRN Coalition. There are four questions, which should take you no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. We appreciate your participation so that we may represent our membership most accurately.

Link to Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DKBMVYJ