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Seeking Education and Legislative committee members

Posted 7 months ago

Honored APRN members-

The MN APRN Coalition is formalizing two vital committees in our organization:

the Education Committee and the Legislative Committee.

If you are interested, please email

We are seeking APRNs who would like to serve as members of the Education and Legislative Committee.

Please consider giving back to your profession and the MN APRN Coalition with your skills!

Education Committee

The Coalition has been sponsoring a pharmacology update either in-person or in a live web streaming format either once or twice a year. Other educational sessions have been offered depending upon need. These have included a practice summit focused on policy and workforce issues, and an ongoing opioid prescribing education opportunity. The committee, under leadership of a chair, has primary responsibility for determining conference content, schedule, and other activities (giveaways, vendor BINGO, etc.). Most organizational activities will be handled by the Executive Director working with the Education Committee Chair. The Education Committee Chair is Vicki Erickson DNP, APRN, CNP


Legislative Committee Member Role

The Legislative Committee member role will be most active during the legislative session (January to May). The Chair will inform members about potential bills from the Coalition and bills introduced by others that impact APRN practice. Members may be asked to meet with legislators with Coalition leadership to advocate for legislation or educate legislators about APRN practice and the potential impact on APRN practice.  Members may be asked to attend Senate or House Hearings and should be able to attend in person. This is an educational experience, an introduction to policy, and an incredibly fun role. Please consider giving back to your APRN profession and help to advocate for APRN practice by serving as a member of the Legislative Committee. The Legislative Chair is Brain Goodroad.

If you are interested in serving, please email


Janet Blanchard 6 months ago

Sounds intriguing

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