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Legislative Update from March 8th

Posted about 1 month ago

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The Coalition has a great Day-on-the-Hill on March 7, 2024. We had 38 participants! O’Connell Consulting (our lobbyist) gave a presentation on effective communication to legislators, and then we went to meet legislators. Our chief authors Rep Vernig and Senator Kupec met the group. A review of the current legislative priorities and sharing of how the visits went wrapped up the morning. It was fun and exciting for all! 

Day on the Hill

Day on the Hill 2


The Transition to Practice Bill faces an uphill climb. The Minnesota Medical Association has not responded to the Coalition’s compromise language; and the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians has reported discomfort with the compromise language.

The Coalition’s original intent was to remove the 2,080-hour requirement of a new graduate CNS or CNP to practice in a setting where APRNs and physicians practice together. The Coalition suggested a compromise to MMA and MAFP that stated a new graduate must work for 2,080 hours in s a setting where APRNs OR physicians practice.  This would allow private owned APRN clinics to hire new graduates, which is prohibited now.

What can you do to help remove this unnecessary barrier to practice?

  1. Here is a link to the updated action alert for Transition to Practice
  2. Please find out who your Minnesota Representative and Senator are.
  3. How to find your legislator: Who Represents Me in the Minnesota Legislature
  4.  Visit, call, or send an email to them stating you are a constituent and ask their assistance in getting a hearing in either the Senate Health and Human Services Committee or the House Health Finance and Policy Committee. Talking points and key points documents are attached.


The Certified Midwife bill was heard and passed in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on March 5, 2024! The next stop if the Judiciary and Public safety Committee, chaired by Senator Ron Latz (District 46). It remains uncertain if the bill will be heard in the House Health Finance and Policy Committee. If you support this bill, please contact you legislator to advocate for a Hearing in the House!

How to find your legislator: Who Represents Me in the Minnesota Legislature

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