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Legislative Update from March 15th

Posted 29 days ago


 The Transition to Practice (TTP) Bill (HF3440 SF4303) continues to face challenges this legislative session. The chief authors of our bill, Senator Robert Kupec (District 04) and Representative Bianca Virnig, called a meeting with the MMA, MAFP, and the Coalition legislative leadership to discuss the specific concerns MAFP and MMA have with the Coalition’s compromise language. Unfortunately, MMA and MAFP cancelled the meeting for this week, although there is another meeting next week. 

 The bill must be heard in at least one committee by March 22 to progress at all the legislative sessions. If it is not heard in a committee by March 22, the bill will not progress. The Coalition will not let this issue die and will pick this up next legislative session (24-25) with renewed strength and a robust campaign.  

 As a reminder of the proposal, the Coalition’s original intent was to remove the requirement of a collaborative agreement and that a new graduate CNS or CNP practice for 2,080 hours in a setting where APRNs and physicians practice together. The Coalition suggested a compromise to MMA and MAFP that stated a new graduate must work for 2,080 hours in a setting where APRNs OR physicians practice and the collaborative agreement requirement with an APRN or physician would remain in place.  This would allow private owned APRN clinics to hire new graduates, which is prohibited now.  

What can you do to help remove this unnecessary barrier to practice?

  1.  The Coalition needs the expertise of our lobbyist group O’Connell Consulting, and they are worth their weight in gold! Please donate to the MN APRN Coalition here. The majority of the Coalition’s expenses go to O’Connell Consulting and the Coalition is funded only by membership and education offerings. The Coalition officers and Board members are all volunteers.    Click here to DONATE
  2.  HERE IS A LINK to an “action alert” for TTP letters. All you have to do is input your address, and a letter to your legislators will be generated for you to send electronically to support the TTP. Please feel free to add a personalized statement to the beginning of the letter as well. Doing so will help connect with your legislator.  This process can be completed in just a minute or two, and helps your voice be heard at the Capitol. 

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